Ball season makeup tips and tricks

1. See a pro!

Make an appointment with your local beauty therapist/makeup artist and get a tailored makeup plan to suit your face shape, features and skin tone. Even better, book them in to do your makeup on the night - it's your big night so go on, treat yourself! Remember, there is a big difference between a professional and what you see on YouTube!

Find a recommended artist here


2. Prime time:

The importance of a primer is so often forgotten but it really is the key to a good base for all the rest of your makeup. Ensure you use an oil free primer (and avoid heavy moisturisers otherwise your makeup will slide off during the night!) to give your foundation the best chance of serving you well all night. Primer preps the skin for a smooth foundation and also helps your makeup last longer.

Grab a Primer here


3. How to get your glow on:

Candle Glow for highlighting/strobing subtly on the face: apply a small drop into your liquid foundation or gently pat onto the top of your cheekbones from the centre of the eye outwards, or a tiny bit of your cupids bow and on the brow bone just under the eyebrow. This is best applied on top of your foundation. If you want to dab a bit on top of your finished powder, just be sure to pat rather than run it over the skin so as not to drag your makeup. 

Face & Body Bronzer for evening out your tan and getting rid of any strap marks. This gorgeous liquid instant bronzer is packed full of yummy naturals too (including coconut, carrot and jojoba) and leaves your skin looking, smelling and feeling divine!


4. Avoid the dreaded flash-back!

The last thing you want is to look back at your photos and have a white-face or ashen look to your skin! To avoid this disaster like what you see below, be sure to use a photo-friendly makeup range (such as Wendy Hill).


Also be cautious of mineral makeup because although the reflective pigments can give a healthy looking glow in natural light, some are not photographic and can appear waxy/sweaty/odd looking when shot under high definition or with a professional flash.


5. The low-down on long lasting lipstick:

You may not use lip liner normally, but trust us when we say this is an occasion that you will appreciate it's service! Try a nude/natural shade that is as close as possible to your natural lip colour. Line your lips (to stop the colour 'bleeding' outside your lip line) and for even better results, colour in your lips with it before applying your chosen lipstick on top. (This gives your lipstick something to really grab onto!) Matte lipsticks can be good too although some that are painted on are very drying on your lips and can look flaky as the night wears on. Our Tiffany@Wendy Hill matte lipsticks are super popular as they don't dry your lips out and are easy to apply and wear. 

Check out the 6 shades here...


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