Enhanced Natural Makeup


The nude and natural makeup trend is always very popular. During winter, the skin is paler, we wear more layers of clothing with heavier fabrics and textures and deeper shades of colour, so a stronger makeup will balance out the overall look and prevent the face from looking too washed out. 

The focus is still on beautiful healthy skin, so ensure the skin is kept in peak condition for a fresh, glowing makeup.

By choosing and working with eye shades in browns and greys and lip shades in natural or earthy tones, the look will continue to look natural and not contrived.

Balance is important, so enhance your client’s best features by choosing to have stronger eyes - if that’s her best feature - pared with a paler lip shade, or play down the eyes with softer eyeshades and use a stronger lip shade to enhance lovely lips.

 Remember that the finished effect will always be more interesting than it would be by defining all her features. For stronger lip shades this winter while still keeping within the natural spectrum, include deep chocolate and berry tones. Blusher shades are kept natural with no obvious colour, with bronzers being a good option with a touch of peach if the skin needs more life.

 The Face

  1. Prep the skin with Wendy Hill Velvet Veil Primer for a smooth base. This is great in winter when the skin is often drier. Allow a few minutes to dry before applying the foundation.
  2. Touch up any blemishes and dark shadows under the eyes with Good Night’s Sleep yellow camouflage to even out the skin tone. Using the Foundation Brush apply Paramedical Camouflage Foundation lightly over the face layering a little extra to any areas where extra cover is needed, while still keeping the foundation looking very natural. This all-in-one foundation is great for winter skin, it’s quick to apply and with a semi-matte finish, no powder is needed. It’s good for extra sensitive skin too. We used the Nude Cream shade.
  3. Using the fingertips, pat a little No Baggage Highlighter along the top of the cheekbones and under the eye area to refresh, tighten, lift the skin and add light.
  4. For the blusher, dust the cheekbones lightly with Blusher/Bronzer Two Fabulous in the bronze shade to sculpt the cheekbones and add warmth to the face. Buff into the skin with the Blusher Brush to blend out any edges.


 The Eyes

  1. The fuller brow trend continues and works well with this look, and the Brow Kit with stencils makes it easy to ensure beautifully defined brows. Using the full brow stencil here gives interest to the finished look and is great for an evening makeup.
  2. Apply No Baggage Highlighter all over the eye area as an eye primer to firm and lift and open up the eyes.
  3. Working with the Eyeshadow Foursome Warm compact, start with the Eyeshadow Blender Brush and apply the palest shade to the lid area up to the socket line, then take the Eyeshadow Fluff Brush and gradually layer the other shades from lightest to darkest until you get the intensity required, starting from the outer corner of the eyes and blending well in between layers. This will give a soft smoky look and add depth to the eyes.
  4. Finish the eye makeup with MD Mascara and Primer. Apply the primer to lengthen and thicken the lashes and allow to dry for a few minutes before applying the mascara so it will adhere well to the lashes and add extra volume.

The Lips

  1. Outline the lips with Lip Pencil Spiced Ginger creating a soft smudgy line to give a natural full-lipped effect, fill in the lips with Lipstick Spicy Rum using the Lip Brush and blending well so the natural lip still shows through.

The finished makeup should always look natural and suit the client’s individual face and colouring. Remember: a woman should be wearing her makeup - the makeup should not be wearing her! 

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