Get The Great Gatsby 1920’s Makeup Look

One of our favourite movies is The Great Gatsby!

It’s a visual feast for a makeup artist, and we loved the contrast between the really glitzy flapper girls and the dainty, soft-focus Daisy.

So we were inspired to recreate a glamour makeup for summer, because apart from the movie, the vintage makeup look is so very now!

Firstly a wee bit of makeup history: The 1920’s was a time when women really started to have fun with makeup. After the war, many women started working and earning their own money, they felt modern and liberated.

They began to go out more, dancing till all hours, embracing the glamorous flapper era, and they began to take more risks with their makeup: pale skin, smoky eyes, bolder lips, defined eyebrows, lots of mascara and rosy cheeks.

Women were also not afraid to make a statement, and they used makeup to express themselves.
In the film, Daisy’s character is seen as sadly flawed, but her makeup is flawless!

Any makeup needs to start with a flawless foundation and that’s even more important when doing a stronger makeup, because more product is used so the result will be more defined.

We recommend start with Velvet Veil Primer to even-out skin texture, then mix a few drops of Candleglow Pearly Pink with Jojoba Liquid Foundation (we used Café Au Lait as it’s slightly pink-based) to achieve that peaches-and-cream complexion, blending evenly with the Foundation Brush. Set with a dusting of HD Finishing Powder.

A pop of Blusher Mild Pink livens up the skin tone too.

Lift and define the brows using the Brow Kit with Stencils in Taupe and polish with Clear Mascara.
Glittering chandeliers, bubbly champagne, sparkling dresses and jewels calls for sparkling eye makeup for this glamorous look.

Apply Eyeshadow White Satin over the whole eye area, then line the upper lash line and inner lower lash line with a navy shade like Indelible Gel Eyeliner Tidal Wave. We used the new Eyeshadow Quinset Smoky Eyes compact, as it has all the right shades.

Apply a black eyeshadow very softly onto the lid area. Use the Mini Socket Dome Brush to softly create a contour line with the grape eyeshadow shade, then the Angle Eye Brush to softly smudge it along the lower lash line.

The Wendy Hill Eyeshadow Quinset compact - all the right shades for the perfect smoky eyes


Fill the lid space by gently patting the grape eyeshadow on with the Fluff Brush over the black shade. Using Keep It On, dip the brush into the platinum silver shade and trace along the upper lash line over the navy eyeliner for a glittering liner effect, doing the same on the lower lash line and inner corners of the eyes. Pat gently with Eye Dust Mineral - Funky Frost over the eyelids to complete the glitz!

(Note: We used our Faux Fashion Full Lashes in Black, otherwise you’ll need to apply a few generous coats of Mascara Black.)

If you want to create the iconic cupid’s-bow lip look of the 1920’s, you may need to first use a Camouflage Cream to erase and reshape the natural lip line with the Camouflage Brush. Next, take Lip Pencil Burnt Red and trace your new shape, then colour in.

Working with two lipstick shades, start with Matte Real Red applied with the Lip Shaper Brush, and concentrating a lighter one like Hot Tamale in the centre of the lips so they appear to pop and pout! It’s all about a more matte finish for the lips - leave the shine to those beautiful eyes!

A party girl’s makeup ...

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