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An important role of lipids is to prevent the evaporation of water from our skin which causes skin dryness and sensitivity.

As we age our skin function naturally declines due to cell production slowing down, and the slower replacement of skin barrier lipids.  Our skin takes longer to recover from other factors like the overuse of the wrong skincare, exfoliants, and highly active products. UV exposure, and a dry or cold climate will also contribute to the depletion of skin lipids.

If your lipids are depleted, your skin can look dry and dull, and feel tight or rough. There is often an increase in sensitivity and irritation particularly during winter, and with the change of seasons.

Is my skin dehydrated or dry?

To spot the difference between dehydrated skin (lacking in moisture) and dry skin (lacking in lipids) - which can feel the same - note that dry skin will affect you all over your body including hands and scalp and will tend to be the same all year round, often worse in winter. Dehydrated skin can affect all skin types, oily or dry, and can come and go affecting mainly exposed skin areas.   

A good quality face oil supports the lipid’s role in strengthening our skin’s barrier system, which keeps out irritants, pollution and other unwanted toxins. The lipids in our skin naturally have an efficient antimicrobial function, and the antimicrobial ingredients in Kiriora Kawakawa Face Oils support this lipid function to keep skin healthy.

Kiriora Kawakawa Face Treatment Oils are manufactured in Taupō using high performing, pure specialist organic oils, vitamins, essential oils and botanical actives – with a special emphasis on New Zealand native plants with traditional customary healing and health properties such as kawakawa and harakeke to repair and restore the skin.

The aroha ingredients include pure oils of kawakawa, jojoba, argan, rosehip and calendula; carrot, pomegranate, harakeke and kiwi seeds, and Vitamin E (natural tocopherols).

Trials show that Kiriora Kawakawa Face Treatment Oils

  • reduce redness and inflammation
  • strengthen the sensitive skin barrier and improve skin resilience
  • help to smooth uneven skin texture and restore the skin's natural glow
  • create and maintain smooth, nourished, deeply hydrated radiant skin.

In addition, the products are created in accordance with the traditional healing principles of rongoā, the traditional Māori system of healing. It involves plant and herbal remedies, physical therapies such as massage, and an emphasis on the spiritual dimension of health and healing.

It is traditional with all rongoā practice to recite a karakia (incantation or prayer) before harvesting, giving thanks to Papatūānuku (Mother Earth) and Tāne Mahuta (Keeper of the Forest), and to appreciate the plant from which you are harvesting, and this is practiced during the harvesting of the plants used in the creation of the Kiriora products. All of our native plant extracts are made using plants sustainably harvested in New Zealand.

Fran McDonald was one of the many people who trialled Kirirora Kawakawa Face Treatment Oils for us, and she noticed a significant difference in her skin within 24-hours of using the product.

"My skin went from being dry and wrinkled to plump and more youthful, and I particularly noticed the lines around my mouth are much, much better," she says.

"I’ve struggled with a very dry spot on my face that was raised and red and had been noticeable for years. My dermatologist used dry ice on it, and it worked for a while but then it came back – now it’s almost completely gone. I think it’s all about the fantastic hydrating and healing quality of the product. I would absolutely recommend it."

Jodi Osborne from Doubtless Beauty was another who trialled the product, and she found an unexpected benefit.

Jodi says her husband had an "insane shaving rash" that he had treated with antiseptic cream, but it was still looking angry.

"I used the #2 Sensitive Skin Oil and within a short time it had calmed straight down. The next day you could still see where the rash had been, but it was no longer red … so a great endorsement for the product," she said.

We are proud that our natural skin care products are never tested on animals and only contain natural aromas. Kiriora Face Treatment Oils contain no artificial or synthetic ingredients and are completely free of chemicals, mineral oils, fillers and other unpleasant additives, and are made with much aroha in beautiful Taupō, New Zealand.

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