Wendy Hill

Wendy is one of New Zealand's most highly respected makeup artists and is well known for her training skills and - prior to the creation of Wendy Hill Cosmetics - for her work as a makeup designer with NBR New Zealand Opera and stage productions, and with commercial and private clients.

She has had extensive overseas training in London and New York, and has a comprehensive background in beauty and fashion, photographic, retail and theatre makeup.  She is also an experienced makeup tutor, and has lectured extensively for drama and makeup schools, beauty schools and theatre productions New Zealand wide. She is also a recognised tutor in business skills for the beauty industry.

In her wide range of makeup work, Wendy identified the need for a makeup range designed specifically for the unique requirements of the New Zealand market.

"The natural light in New Zealand and the Pacific is quite different to the Northern Hemisphere, and our light is well favoured by the film and photographic industry," she says.  "Wendy Hill Makeup is coloured to complement the golden light effects of the Southern Hemisphere.  It is a quality, healthy product that will perform and last well in heat and humidity and under hot studio lighting, and will alway photograph beautifully. Because of its high quality it is kind to all skin types, and of course it is not tested on animals."

Wendy's unique service to the industry means she created a team that works with stockists to set their makeup budgets and advise them on the products specific to their client's needs.


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