Deluxe Makeup Kit

Deluxe Makeup Kit

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Our Deluxe Professional Makeup Kit comes in a large attractive case, and has all the makeup products the professional makeup artist needs – plus there’s plenty of room to add more specialised products as you go.

This impressive kit comes in a fabulous large black trolley case with lots of storage, including room for larger bottles such as cleansers and toners and hair products, and ample compartment space for makeup.

The redesigned contents incorporate the latest products - including an 18 piece professional brush set - making it the complete kit for all makeup requirements from special occasion makeup to professional photo shoots and production set work.

It's the perfect kit for the professional makeup artist because of it's easy to use the mix-and-match products, all of which have a high performance and fashion factor, and photograph beautifully.

Perfect makeup for fabulous results!

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