Mineral Mix Makeup Kit

Mineral Mix Makeup Kit

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The Wendy Hill Mineral Mix Makeup Kit is designed by our makeup artists to meet your needs perfectly, and to cater for clients who want to add a mineral makeup option to their product range.

Competitively priced as an ideal starter kit for a makeup artist setting out on their career, or for those who would like to offer a Mineral option in addition to their professional Wendy Hill Makeup kits.

Our very popular selection of Mineral products is the perfect complement to our healthy makeup range and our philosophy of quality and performance. Mineral cosmetics are made from natural, finely ground pure minerals from the earth, and are talc and paraben free. The fine textures allow the skin to breathe, they're safe for the most sensitive skins and to use after surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Our gorgeous Mineral Mix Kit contains all the essential items you'll need to create a beautiful mineral makeup for your client.

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